2011 Neuseeland

New Zealands recently completed Impossibility Challenger was a huge success, held only for the second time outside of Europe. It was a day where people from a multitude of different countries stepped up, where they challenged themselves and the impossible for the chance to become a world record holder.

Held at the Douglas Track and Field, next to The Trusts Stadium Waitakere, this venue once again proved a good hunting ground for eager record setters. It was an inspiring collective group effort, with one attempt inspiring the next and so on, until by the days end 14 new world records had been set, along with 12 personal records.

Under an overcast sky, the day begun with a most remarkable man Khiv Raj Gurjar, who had come all the way from Jodhpur India to set 5 new world records in “Extreme Yoga” He performs a set series of complex power yoga poses whilst balancing (sometimes blindfolded) on top of a bicycle in a given time limit. He set world records for completing 15 poses in 1 minute, 31 in 3 minutes, and 41 in 5 minutes. He also broke his own records for balancing the longest time whilst blindfolded on a bike, and again but on a dirt motorbike. His control, strength, stamina and poise were outstanding to watch.

From Spain, Ramon Campayo is no stranger to world records, nor to the Impossibility Challenger but this was his first time in New Zealand. The seven time World Speed Memory Champion came with the lofty goal of breaking six of his own world records in one day. He only managed four, but even that was a privilege to watch as his explosive photographic memory captured in only seconds, scores of numbers and binary digits. He set a new world record when he memorized 64 binary digits in only 2 seconds, and followed it up memorizing 72 in 3 seconds. He also set world records for memorizing 24 numbers in 2 seconds, and 26 numbers in 3 seconds. Seeing the amazing workings of Ramons mental capacity had those watching stunned into silence.

As the sun came out, the proceedings took on a fun action packed feeling, as we were suddenly joined by a group of super heroes. These four capped crusaders were on their way to an emergency call out. Unfortunately their map reading skills left a lot to be desired, and one after the other they circled the 400 meter track on their kick scooter searching for the direction of the emergency locator beacon. In the meantime they set a new world record for the 4 x 1 mile kick scooter relay, 30 minutes and 20 seconds. Well done super heroes!

Marianna Nagy from Hungary set a new Alternative World Record for the fastest time to cover one mile wearing swim fins. In a time of 22 minutes and 10 seconds, Marianna showed everyone the child  like enthusiasm needed for such a record attempt, along with the appropriate attire.

A group of ten women also set a new world record, for the fastest ten person game of leap frog, while another kick scooter team set a new world record for the 4 x 400 m Kick Scooter Relay in a time of 8 minutes 36 seconds.

Jim Lawless set a world record for playing the mandolin, as did Toshala Elliot and Melody Lin, who at lightning speed played the most two line songs of Sri Chinmoy in one hour.

Thank you to all the competitors, witnesses, time keepers and supporters who helped make the day a most memorable one for all involved. Next year the Impossibility Challenger moves for the first time in a long while outside of Germany to another European destination Budapest, Hungary. See you there!

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